Top Things To Do in Seattle in One Day

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Best Things To Do in Seattle in One Day

Do you dream of going on a trip to the Pacific Coast? Well, no doubt, this is the place that you should never miss to visit on a holiday. Seattle, which is also known as the Emerald City because of the lush forests surrounded to it, it is a modern metropolis with a history rich in cultural.

Situated in Washington, about 100 miles from the border of Canada, the place is a gem which is famous for its musical background. However, there are various other things to do and experience while on a visit here. Even if you only have one day to explore, the trip is still going to be a memorable one.

When to visit Seattle?
As it is the northernmost city situated in the United States, avoid coming here in winter or autumn. These seasons remain cold and wet, so make sure to wait for the spring to come in. The time between the May end and September starting is the best time to take a visit since it usually remains cold there.

Still, avoiding the months of July and August would be a better idea as most of the tourists visit here during these months. Whatever the case is, all thanks to the moderate climate, you’ll be able toenjoy various events, tours as well as beautiful sights in the city.

Places to visit on one day tour:
Follow the guide mentioned below and make the best memories even if you have less time. These are some of the top sights and best things to do on your one day trip to Seattle.

1. Start your morning by a visit to Pioneer Square:
Why not start your day where the city got started? It is the place where the founders of Seattle first got settled in the year 1852. Later, the area got filled with the brick buildings and beautiful stone which still can be found there and give this place a distinct historical note. If you are an architecture person, make sure to visit here.

2. Take a visit to Pike Place Market:
After a visit to the historical site, explore the market which is only 15 minutes away from the foot. The location receives millions of people every year. You’ll get to see a wide variety of seafood along with numerous restaurants and shops all around you.

3. Climb on the Space Needle:
Once you are done with the market, explore the famous building in town and something which is must to include on the one-day itinerary, The tower which is 600 foot long got built in the year 1962 and offers an amazing view of the city.

4. Explore the Columbia Tower:
While Space Needle is the greatest attraction of the city, you can even get a better view of the city from this tower. It is the tallest building that you’ll see around. It is cost-effective, taller and less crowded.

Seattle makes the best place for a one day tour. Make sure to travel safely.