Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles Around Eyes

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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Undereyes

‘Dark circles’ is the term referred to the discoloration of the skin below the eye. Some of the factors which cause dark circles are ageing, stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet and dry skin. There is nothing to worry as there are a number of remedies to get rid of dark circles and get a glowing face.

Top 10 Ways

1. Cucumber
Cucumber contains properties which help in lightening and soothing the skin. Take a fresh cucumber and slice it into pieces. Keep this in the refrigerator for around 30 minutes. Place the slices on the affected area for around 10 minutes and then wash it off with water.

2. Potato
Potato is extremely beneficial for lightening the skin around the eye because of the bleaching agents it contains. Take 2 chilled potatoes and grate them to extract the juice. Apply this juice on your dark circles using a cotton ball and wash it off after 15 minutes.

3. Rose Water
Rose water contains ingredients, which are extremely essential for skin care. It helps in soothing and rejuvenating the skin. Dip cotton pads in rose water and place it on your closed eyes for 15 minutes.

4. Tomato
Tomato helps in lightening the skin tone due to its bleaching properties. Mix 1 teaspoon of tomato juice and half teaspoon of lemon juice and leave this on your face for 10 minutes. After this, rinse it off.

5. Almond Oil
Almond oil helps in fading the dark circles. Massage almond oil over the dark circles before going to bed and leave it on overnight. Rinse it off with cold water in the morning.

6. Lemon Juice
Lemon juice is helpful in lightening the skin and in removing dark circles due to the Vitamin C present in it. Apply lemon juice around your eyes using a cotton ball. Rinse it off after 10 minutes.

7. Tea Bags
The antioxidants present in tea help in reducing the discoloration below the eye. Take 2 used tea bags and keep it in the refrigerator for around 30 minutes. Keep the chilled tea bags over your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash your eyes.

8. Mint
Crushed mint is very good for the treatment of dark circles. It gives you a soothing and refreshing effect, which, in turn, reduces the dark circles. Place the mint leaves around the eyes and after some time, wipe it off using cotton.

9. Pineapple
Applying a mixture of pineapple juice and turmeric powder on the area which is affected by dark circles will help in soothing and lightening the skin.

10. Saffron
Saffron is very helpful in lightening the skin tone. Soak few strands of saffron in milk overnight and prepare a paste in the morning. Now, massage it over the dark circles and after some time, wash it off.