What are the Foods to Avoid for Arthritis

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Foods Not to Eat with Arthritis

Your body is a machine. You have to make use of this machine in an efficient manner to let it work properly without rusting. If your body is working smoothly means, you are free of any joint ailments or else you invite to the problems making them worse.

One major transformation in the body occurs when you are unable to move due to excessive joint pains resulting in inflammation of one or more joints accompanied by swelling, burning sensation, etc. It worsens according to age resulting in bone replacements, taking oral steroids, etc. There are few home remedies to get over arthritis, which you may follow simply by regular exercise and by not eating.

1. Inflammatory foods in your diet will somehow lower the pain and reduce the chances of getting worse.

2. Sugar and refined carbs should avoid as it increases inflammation. Limit the intake of candies, white flour baked foods, aerated drinks to reduce your arthritis pain.

3. Fried and processed foods increase inflammation in your joints thus hinder your daily physical activities. Instead, you should add more fruits and vegetables and avoid frozen and ready to eat meals.

4. Dairy products have the protein that increases inflammation by irritating the tissues around the joints. Milk can replace with protein-rich vegetables like spinach, beans, lentils, tofu, and millets.

5. Alcohol and tobacco accompanied together result in severe health issues, including pain in your joints. Therefore, a balanced diet with no alcohol and regular exercise may reduce the level of arthritis pain.

6. Salt and preservatives result in inflammation of joints, so avoid eating foods with high sodium. Cut down on preserved foods as they add excessive salt for preservation that might hinder regular activities.

7. Corn oil added to many baked foods, which are rich in omega- 6 fatty acids, thus resulting in inflammation. You can replace omega- 6 with foods rich in omega- 3 rich foods like olive oil, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, etc which reduces inflammation.

8. Meat is a good source of fat and calories that causes inflammation in your joints.

9. Coffee is one of the major foods to avoid with arthritis.

10. White flour based products like rice, potatoes, bread, and crackers are very rich in carbohydrates thus increasing inflammation. Introduce whole or multi-grain carbohydrates to lower the inflammation.

11. Gluten is a sticky protein present in wheat and similar grains such as barley, oats, and rye that increases inflammation.

I have given you a list of foods to avoid arthritis. This may help you reducing inflammation to a great extent. However, regular exercise, eating at regular intervals, taking rest in proper intervals will help you overcome your arthritis pain. There is no such restricted diet plan to follow. Making a few moderations in your lifestyle will make your life fit and fine.

Do not worry.

Hindrances come to overcome.
Enjoy life to the fullest.