What are the Foods to Avoid for Fatty Liver

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Foods To Avoid If You Have a Fatty Liver

Fatty liver is yet another ailment due to the present lifestyle. People like you are doing white-collar jobs, which do not require any physical activity. You have the habit of sitting in front of the computer and get your necessities there itself.

You don’t get time to eat regularly, you don’t eat healthy foods, you don’t get proper sleep, you end up eating junk food with a lot of fats– are all the few reasons for the accumulation of fat in your vital organ, liver.

I am listing below a few home remedies to reduce the extra fat in your liver. Not only foods but also regular exercise will remove all the negative aspects caused by the ailment.

1. Avoid fried/ deep fried foods:
When you are suffering from fatty liver, means your organ has complicated the process of breaking down of fats. There is a covering of extra fat, which disturbs proper liver function. Therefore, you have to avoid the consumption of any type of deep-fried foods, baked items, and dairy-rich products from your diet. Eating the above in minimal amounts will not complicate it further.

2. Processed grains:
Processed grains should be replaced with whole grains in your daily all three major meals. It has high fiber content, which controls your blood sugar, cholesterol which in turn also improvises your fatty liver condition.

3. Alcohol:
Drinking alcohol in small amounts or more hinders the improvement in fatty liver. After diagnosed with fatty liver, the continuation of drinking alcohol will start building up fat in the liver cells. It will continue building up cells to the extent, which will result in inflammation of the cells. Gradually the useful liver cells damage in such a way that they cannot repair further. So to avoid complete liver damage, stop consuming alcohol.

4. Foods high in sugar:
Watermelons, potatoes, bananas, white bread, white rice, raisins, corn, and corn products have high amounts of sugars and are rich in carbohydrates, hence avoided from your diet. They tend to increase the blood sugar level, thus having a bad impact on the health of your organ.

5. High salt content:
Salt, when taken in a small amount, is not very bad for the organ. However, if taken in large amount will let increase the blood pressure, damage other parts of your body including the liver. So you should avoid sodium in your diet, instead include foods rich in vitamin C like strawberries, bell peppers, etc which will help in repairing your damaged and scarred liver.

6. Red meat:
It has high amounts of saturated fat that contribute to building up the fat in your liver.

Fatty liver is a growing major ailment because of the lifestyle of the present generation. Reducing the foods that contribute to liver damage will ease your problem to a large extent.

Take care of your important organ or else it might lead to a serious condition like liver cirrhosis, liver damage, etc.

Take care. Follow these simple rules in your daily life.