What Dog Foods are Bad for Dogs

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Worst Dog Food Brands to Avoid

Dogs eat anything they get anywhere and that is the main problem with them because they don’t get to know which are the things good to them and which are bad in nature. So we need to be very careful while choosing the dog foods because there is so many dog force which is not really good for them at all. And these foods are even harmful to their body if they consume it regularly.

So whenever we buy dog foods then we should check out the ingredients of it to make sure it is good for our pet. Hair we have given some dog foods which are really bad in nature for our dogs. And these foods contain a lot of bad ingredients which are the reason for them being the worst food in this category.

1. Alpo:
This brand was started around 80 years ago and they used to sell tasty dog foods which the meat content in it. But later this was discovered that this brand uses some very bad product which is low in quality as the ingredients.

And also they use some artificial additives which are not very good for the health of a dog. And for these reasons, the brand’s product is considered as the low-quality brand right now.

2. Great Choice:
The great choice brand originated from the USA launched its product as being the best choice for your pet but the name doesn’t make sense right now. Because this is one of the worst brands you can choose for your dog. Because it has a lot of carbohydrates in 8 and a very low amount of fat and protein which is not really desirable in a dog’s food. Show the review came out about great choice was not very good in nature and people stopped buying it for their pets for the safety reasons.

3. Purina Dog Chow:
This brand is a famous brand with low-quality food items for dogs. They sell whole grain corn, bone meal and meet, soybean meal, corn gluten meal and chicken by-product. But they used to mix low-quality fillers in these things to increase the amount and also the foods were full of artificial colours and preservatives which are really harmful to the health of a dog. So after some time, these foods were reviewed as one of the worst brands of foods ever and people left it soon after that.

4. Beneful:
The Beneful is one more brand which makes the worst food product for dogs. Generally, they make dry food products which can be kept for a longer time for the pets. This product lost its popularity because of so many artificial flavours and preservatives they used in the product which were really bad for dog health. And now Beneful is a brand which is almost forgotten by so many people and there are very less amount of people who prefer their food items because of the cheap rate of it.