What Fruits are GMO (Genetically Modified)

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List of GMO Fruits

There are some fruits which are genetically modified in nature. This is done for the better commercial use of it because the fruits which are genetically modified can be preserved for a longer time and that is really very economical for the business.

Genetically modified seeds are produced in different biotechnology companies and they provide those seeds to harvest those fruits for commercial use. But this practice is not always good for the health of the people and that is why recently some regulations are passed to stop the genetic modification of the fruits.

There are some genetically modified fruits in our everyday life which we use very often and we have given a small list of them.

1. Papaya:
Among all the genetically modified fruits, papaya is in the first position. It is modified so that it can resist a virus named ring spot. This virus destroys the whole papaya plants and papayas where modified genetically into rainbow papayas in the late 1990s.

After that, this kind of papaya was produced commercially and the mass production happened in Hawaii mostly. And it was really very necessary to save the papaya plants from that virus but now it is reviewed that the modification is needed to be stopped for the health of the people.

2. Apple:
A Canadian company which researches about biotechnology discovered that apples should be genetically modified so that they don’t get brown after they are sliced and so they modified it genetically.

They told that it is really very safe to eat and it can be kept for a long time but currently some scientist are forbidding people to eat genetically modified fruits as well as apples. The genetically modified apples are a bit golden in colour and mostly harvested in Fuji.

3. Bananas:
All love bananas and this fruit are also genetically modified. The modification of Bananas well done to save it from a disease which was there in the globe and a lot of Banana plants were affected by the disease at that time.

The bananas were modified genetically by some genetic editing which was done by sun bioscience experts in the USA. And it became so much popular because these bananas were not affected by that disease anymore after the modification done by the gene editing.

4. Strawberries:
Strawberries were modified genetically to make it even sweeter but some regulation in Europe stopped some firms to do it because of some health reasons.

So now the genetic modification of strawberries are taught in a great extent which was done to increase the sweetness of strawberries even more than the natural ones.

5. Tomatoes:
Some Brazilian biotechnologist modified tomatoes to create a spicy breed of it. And this was done by the genetic modification. The scientist made some gene editing of tomatoes which resulted in the modified taste of tomato with a bit of Spice in it.

But after some time, some regulations were passed and the gene modification of roots where stop by the agencies.