What is Artificial Intelligence? What are Artificial Intelligence Games and Movies?

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What are the Advantages of Artificial Intelligence?

We have all seen the movie Artificial Intelligence directed Steven Spielberg, a story set in the future when machines are life like and can do everything that a human can do, there is also the I, Robot movie directed by Alex Proyas, where we see robots built to serve mankind and how they eventually become more intelligent than humans therefore leading to a robot uprising. But these movies only show us an exaggerated idea about what is artificial intelligence. The word artificial intelligence has being used quite frequently, but what is artificial intelligence? The term was first used by John McCarthy of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1956; artificial intelligence is that branch of computer science that works on making computers imitate or simulates human behavior.

But unfortunately the gaming world has seen any such success, an example being the Deep Blue chess program that has defeated world chess champion, Gary Kasparov. In the field of robotics, only computer operated assembly plants have shown some form of intelligence, but their abilities are limited. Many people are still confused with regards to what is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence involves gaming software, expert systems that can help out in real life situations, natural languages software, neural networks and robotics. A machine is seen as artificially intelligent depending up on its capacity to copy human actions and thought processes; when we think about what is artificial intelligence, we think about machines that are complex enough to be handled by experts, we think of the contributions science has made. To the average person, the answer to what is artificial intelligence is how well a computer or machines can imitate human life.

Artificial intelligence games are the only software that can more or less imitate human actions; artificial intelligence can be seen in practically any game, it is used to simulate intelligence in non-player characters. Artificial intelligence games involve characters that ‘learn’ and respond to the players commands. The techniques used for this purpose are based on artificial intelligence methods. The benefits derived from incorporating artificial intelligence in games are excellent game play and an illusion of intelligence, but they have to be toned down as computer activities can be extremely precise therefore making the game unfair to human players.

Artificial intelligence games are largely single player games, where you play against or shoot at numerous enemies popping up all over your screen. Artificial intelligence games are also characterized by increasing levels of difficulty, definite movement patterns, and use of hash functions during game play. Some artificial intelligence games like Madden Football, Halo 3 and Tony La Russa Baseball utilize artificial intelligence to reproduce the particular styles of the celebrity for accuracy. Artificial intelligence games allow the player to be in combat, hunt or survive by looking for realistic markers like enemy footprints, animal sounds etc.

Artificial intelligence movies have been made focusing largely on machines and robots, the most popular one being the Terminator range of movies. Artificial intelligence movies have a main characteristic which is a robot designed to look like and imitate a human to the very last cell, the other characteristic is that they eventually begin to think that they are human. These two main storylines can be found in almost any movie script. Over the years artificial intelligence movies have shown us fictional stories about the future of artificial intelligence- but could it be possible for science to create such human like robots in the distant future? Artificial intelligence movies may also have artificial intelligence as a main character or as a background context; most movies can also be divided into biological agents, artificial computer operated agents and a mixture of both. Artificial intelligence movies are science fiction movies that normally have a robot as a part of the plot, some movies also have a main characters whose memory is controlled by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence movies are also known as savvy circuit board films; artificial intelligence and robots are the focus of small and big screen science fiction productions, there are also many artificial intelligence movies that revolve around our curiosity and aim to recreate humans.