What is Cancer, Cancer Types and Symptoms of Cancer and What is Colon Cancer?

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Cancer Types and Symptoms and Colon Cancer

Cancer is that disease where the abnormal cells divide uncontrollably; these cells can also attack other tissues in other parts of the body by travelling up and down the lymph and blood circulation systems. The body developed process where old, damaged and dead cells are systematically replaced with new cells, sometimes this system does not work as expected and creates an uncontrolled amount of abnormal cells which is known as cancer.

Cancer is a type of disease that can affect any part of the body leading to different types of cancers. There are over one hundred types of cancers, they are normally classified and categorized according to the organ that they attack. For example, cancer that begins at or is present in the lungs is known as lung cancer, cancerous cells that are found in the melanocytes of the skin are termed ad melanoma. Cancers can also form tumours, which can be either malignant or benign.

Cancer has been put into four main categories, depending on what part of the body they originate from and subsequently affect, these are:

• Leukemia- this is found in blood forming tissue, this leads to the creation of many abnormal blood cells that later enter the blood stream.

• Carcinoma-this type of cancer affects the skin and the tissues covering internal organs.

• Central nervous System cancers- the cancerous cells affect the tissues found in the brain and spinal cord.

• Sarcoma- this form of cancer is found in connective tissues like fat, muscles, bones, cartilage, etc.

Symptoms of cancer differ according to the type of cancer that the individual is suffering from. Usually the first sign is the development of a tumour, this usually puts pressure on the nerves therefore resulting in a lot of pain and may even break blood vessels ceasing bleeding as it grows in size.

The more generalized symptoms of cancer found at the early stages include sores that don’t seem to heal and is accompanied by changes in the colour, size and shape, thickening or lump formation in body parts, unusual bleeding, changes in bowel movements, indigestion, persistent coughing and hoarseness.

Certain cancer symptoms may also include repeated forms of infection, constant headaches, unexplained and sudden weight loss, chronic bodily pains, pain in bones, depending on the type of cancer, you may also develop symptoms like nausea, fatigue, and vomiting, low grade fever that may either be in a constant or periodic form.

You can also develop other symptoms that mimic symptoms of cancer but may be indicative of another illness. If these symptoms are persistent for more than two weeks, you should schedule a visit to a doctor, who will determine whether these are cancer symptoms or not. Normally diagnosing this disease and treating it at an early stage offers a higher rate of a good prognosis.

Colon cancer or colorectal cancer is that form of cancer which affects the colon area, the earliest occurring symptom is the presence of blood in the stools. Colon cancer normally starts as polyps and normally affects people over the age of fifty. It is highly treatable if detected early and can also be treated with surgery and chemotherapy if it has spread to the lymph nodes. Colon cancer can also affect the liver lungs and other areas associated with the digestive system.