What is Collagen Made Of? Where does Collagen Come From?

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What is Collagen and What are Its Uses?

Whenever we hear about beauty hacks then we go Gaga about the collagen bit the question is what is this collagen and what does it do to our body? It is basically a type of protein which contains different amino acids which are made of some basic elements like carbon, Oxygen and hydrogen. The major amino acids which are available in collagen are Proline, Arginine, Glycine and hydroxyproline. Collagen is the element of protein in our body which is around 30% of it and also it is present in some hard structures of our body like bones, nails, ligaments and tendons.

Where does it come from?
Generally, collagen is obtained from the animals or you can say especially from the meats. Actually, it is present in the different types of tissues of the mammals. And it is also a big part of skin cells of animals and this is the reason why our skin remains protected and well-built all the time. It gives elasticity to our skin and also it supplements the proper protein content in our body. But right now some vegan collagen can also be made from bacteria and yeast. And these are chosen by so many people who prefer to be vegan.

What is the job of Collagen?
The most important job of collagen is to give some strength to the main structure of an animal body. It is also the protection element of the skin in the maximum number of animals including human beings. Collagen is like the address of our bodies which can hold each and every part together. And because of that, it is considered as one of the major element of our body without which we cannot stay protected from the outer world.

Structure of it:
The main structure of collagen can be e found when you will see the collagen cell with a microscope and it is mostly elongated fibres. As it is made of protein and also present in the tissues, it can be inferred that fibres are the main element of the formation of collagen protein. Collagen is also present in our muscles and almost 60% of the weight of one muscle is formed by collagen.

Advantages of it:
There are so many advantages of having collagen in our body because our skin has collagen as the protective layer of it. And collagen works as the cement of our body which holds the total skin tissues together. We can get collagen from various types of sources including vegetarian sources too. Fish and beef is the main source of collagen but also vegan collagen is produced right now by some scientists. This is made by modifying the genetic structure of bacteria and inducing them in some food supplements so that humans can avail the advantage of collagen supplements without consuming any kind of non-vegetarian food. And also there are so many vegetables which have a lot of collagen protein in them to supply a sufficient amount of collagen to our body.