What is Mangal dosha or Kuja Dosh? All About Manglik, Kuja Dosha, Mangal Dosha

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Any person who is born during that time of the year when the planet Mars is positioned in way that it gives off negative influences, is known as a Manglik. The placement of Mars and other planets when aligned or moved in to a particular position is said to give off negative energy. People who are born during this astrological period are known by the term Manglik. They unfortunately have a lot of misfortune in marriages, and endure a lot of tension and cannot enjoy a harmonious relationship with another person. Thankfully there is a silver lining in their series of unfortunate events; if one Manglik marries another Manglik, the negative effects are said to be destroyed. There are certain Pujas, Gemstones and mantras that can be said or used to remove the negative energy that a Manglik is said to have. The planet Mars is said to represent a fiery attitude and is known as the war planet, so any Manglik normally has a fiery disposition.

A Kuja Dosha is an astrological term that you might come across while looking for your horoscope. The Kuja Dosha takes place when a Kuja is put on the ascendant from the eight to the twelfth house of the natal horoscope chart. If your birth date falls under any of these dates, then you are said to be significantly influenced by the Kuja energy. But Kuja Dosha isn’t all that bad, after all Kuja symbolizes courage, vitality, aggression, confidence- all the qualities that are possessed by warriors. Such a person is independent and is driven by a sense of purpose. The ill effects of Kuja dosha can be warded off through marriage to another individual having the same disposition, or by reciting the Hanuman Chalisa to Lord Hanuman every day. Since Tuesday is an auspicious day, you should offer puja to Lord Hanuman in a temple. This is because if the individual is born on a Tuesday, he is influenced by Kuja Dosha. Another misconception about the Kuja Dosha is that if you marry a non-Kuja, then the spouse will have an untimely death.

The term Mangal Dosha refers to the astrological combination that takes place when Mars moves into to any of the first to twelfth houses in the Vedic astrology chart. If you are born during any of these days, you are known as a Manglik. The ill effects of Mangal Dosha can be kept at bay through Pujas, Gemstones that are designed especially for Mangal Dosha and can be destroyed if two Mangliks marry each other. In modern times there are many people who don’t necessarily emphasize on Mangal Dosha, there are many remedies for different people who born on the different Mangal Dosha dates. The Mangal Dosha may also be termed as the Bhauma Dosha or Kuja Dosha.