What is WordPress and WordPress theme?

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All About WordPress and WordPress Themes

We have all heard of WordPress at some point in time but what is WordPress? WordPress was created by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg and was released in May, 2003; since then it has been downloaded over eighteen million times, its latest version (3.5) was released in April, 2013. It is a tool that allows for easy content management and is a free open source software used by many bloggers. It based in MySQL and PHP and has a template system and a plug-in architecture. WordPress is a blogging tool that is currently powering over sixty million websites all over the world, managing over 22% of new websites that have just been launched and over 14.7% of the top one million websites. This article will explain what is WordPress.

Here’s a quick WordPress how to- WordPress gives web designers and owners the power to control how users and what users can access on their websites. These controls include creating pages, writing and editing posts, creating categories and defining links, moderating comments, managing themes, plug-ins and other users; these controls are known as Roles. There is a total of six pre-defined roles, each having a pre assigned set of capabilities to which even more capabilities can be added, these Roles are known as Editor, Author, Administrator, Super Administrator, Subscriber and Contributor. The main work of these roles is to moderate comments, edit users and publish posts. Adding to the information about this WordPress how to- Use can use the ‘add role’ and ‘remove role’ commends to add or remove roles and the ‘add cap’ and ‘remove cap’ commands to edit the number of capabilities.

Even more regarding WordPress how to – Super Admin role permits the user to perform all capabilities this number decreases as you move from one role to another, roles are not to be seen in a hierarchical form. Word Press has a flexibility that increasingly allows web designers with limitless designing opportunities. Theme developers can use WordPress to create themes that are niche specific, therefore turning WordPress into more than just a blogging platform. WordPress themes are used to give your website an awesome look creating an ultimate portfolio look through a great presentation of content. WordPress themes include minimalist, clean designs and extremely graphical, colorful designs so that whatever be you reason for setting up a website; you can use WordPress themes for awesome presentation of your content and work using awesome support and advanced functionality. There are many websites that also provide themes for WordPress; you will also notice that many WordPress themes are customizable and easy to use allowing you to stand unique from others. A few tip on WordPress how to regarding themes, you can use short code snippets to enhance your themes using the ‘functions.php’ file that is already there in the WordPress theme of your choice. You can simply display the featured images and excerpts in order to get subscribers to browse through your website.