What Your Lipstick Color Says About Your Personality

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What Does Your Lipstick Shade and Shape Say About You

Lipsticks started gaining popularity at around 16th Century England. In fact it was Queen Elizabeth 1 that popularized its use by wearing bright red lipstick in contrast to the pale makeup on the face. This getup was worn only by upper class women and male actors.

In the 16th Century, lipstick was made from a blend of red stains from plants and beeswax. The lipstick has come a long way since the time of the Queen. It now comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and also a plethora of colours. The queen is probably turning and burning in her grave with jealousy. In the ‘now’ as they say, the lipstick is an extension of a woman’s personality and it also reflects on certain character traits and moods of the lovely ladies wearing them. The shape, size and colour of the lipstick are taken into account while dissecting what personality trait it represents. So without further ado let me reveal to you what your lipstick says about you.

Let’s start with the bullet or the top of the lipstick, if the bullet has a steep angle then it means well for you as it denotes love for detail, confidence and a well-balanced person.

A curvy bullet angle suggests a strong willed but free spirited creative soul.

If the lipstick makes a centre point it means that the wearer is said to possess meticulousness and enthusiasm. It also means that they will settle for nothing but the truth and hence have a tough time settling for anything.

A concave bullet curve suggests a creative and energetic soul that is not afraid to take risks in her life.

Time to dissect what the lipsticks colour says about you.

If your preferred shade is red it suggests that you are a lover of life itself! Quite passionate and sexy also!

If brown is your shade then it means that you are a person who is down to earth and is also very orderly in your personal life. You also portray yourself as a person who is genuine, dependable and natural too.

Preference for pink shades of lipstick suggests an underlying spunk in the woman wearing them. Since pink is a lighter shade of red even the people who like pink are lovers of life but a bit subdued in expressing their affection. They project feelings of self-worth, innocence, acceptance and tenderness.

Orange shade represents warmth so the woman who prefers lipstick in these shades is a fun person in general. Visually the colour orange is known to stimulate brain activity through increased intake of Oxygen.

A lighter orange or peach suggests genuine warmth towards others. Peach colour loving people are also cheerful and spunky in nature.

Last but not the least comes the shade Purple. Purple denotes royalty, magic and power. It also denotes a little bit of a mystery. These colours are what the romantic era painters painted their pictures in. Subdued versions of this colour suggest restraint and sophistication of a certain level.

Check the list out and see for yourself whether what is written is true. Who knows? You might just be in for a pleasant surprise.