Which is better MCP,MCSE or MCTS? | MCP Certification | MCTS Certification | MCSE Certification

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The Microsoft Certification Program or mcp certification is a full training course that is designed for IT professionals as a platform that help to magnify their skills. It is a series of examinations that test your knowledge about Microsoft and its application in the IT sector. As IT has become an integral part of how some companies operate, there is an increased demand for those professional who have a mcp certification. Getting a mcp certification can promise you the world, you will have great jobs waiting for you after this training, it will also familiarize you with programs and software. As software becomes more complex and dependent on each other, a mcp certification will also update your knowledge on the various types of software available. Any company will look forward to choosing a trained worker, so any mcp certification is bound to help you to land your dream job by giving you adequate preparation in this field. The average cost of mcp certification exam is $125 and in normally completed within three hours.

The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist or mcts certification is a training that is focused specifically on a particular Microsoft program. It is a two hour exam that will test all that you know about certain products rather than all IT services. The mcts certification is more of a specialization training course rather than a standard employment test. In other words, you will learn how to specifically operate any of the Microsoft programs such as SQL Server, Visual Studio, Exchange Server and many more. Only those companies that area heavily dependent on these or their related programs will look for this certification. The mcts certification will cover everything from application, troubleshooting and debugging the program concerned. The IT world is in a cycle of continuous change, so getting a mcts certification will serve your purpose in the long run. The mcts certification exam will cost you around $150; the entire exam can be completed within three hours time. The mcts certification exam is meant for those people who feel that it will help them o demonstrate how well they know Microsoft programs.

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert or mcse certification is another certification exam offered by the Microsoft Corporation to those IT professionals who feel that they can benefit from the certifications value. The mcse certification is valid for up to three years, after which you will have to sit through are certification exam. This certification focuses on application and management of servers and databases. This certification has a same value that any other employment tests or certification will have, it can guarantee you great employment opportunities and show a certain dedication towards this field of work. The mcse certification has a lot of value to those companies who use Microsoft programs to go about their daily work. To pass the mcse certification exam, you will need to sit for seven papers; the total cost is approximately $125. You can log on to the Microsoft website for a complete list of all the certifications that are offered by Microsoft and how much they will cost you. You can apply for mcse certification if you want to further yourself professionally. The technical field will always look for those people who have a mcse certification, as this certification just like any other, will take you along way.