Why Women are Choosing to Get Married Late

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Why are Most Women Choosing to Marry After the Age of 28?

Gone are the days when women agreed to marry whenever their families decided to get them married. Sadly, there was an era where in women would get married whenever puberty struck them. Daughters were considered no less than a burden and warding them off was a task parents wished to accomplish at the earliest. Then came an era, where women were allowed to stay back home till they received their minimum education and then were ordered to get married. However, a lot has changed from the past and women are relatively in a better position for now.

Today, most women want to be independent, free and self-supported before they decide to settle down. They want to have their own choice of groom and want their demands to be fulfilled. And why shouldn’t they expect this? After all, they are as much capable of working and earning as their male counterparts. Although it may seem that the women specie is being rebellious towards the society, owing to the sudden popularization of feminism (which has actually become feminazis). However, it is really foolish to think so. Women are allowed to be as independent as men and so there is nothing wrong if they take decision for themselves which go against what the society has prescribed for them. In the matter of marriage, which is a huge commitment – a commitment of a lifetime, it is only fair that women get married when they are ready, not when society thinks they are ready.

Today, more and more women have started to choose to get married at or beyond the age of 28. Why specifically 28 has no answer, but late why in their later 20s does. When women are in their late 20s, they are finally beginning to understand themselves as an individual – their likes, dislikes, preferences and emotions. Until then, their focus is on their education, careers, health and finances. Talking about that, women are becoming ambitious day by day and are competing with men for the top most posts in the business world. They are thus not ready to focus or handle relationships like marriage until they know they have achieved their goal. Financial security is another reason women want time before they get married. In between getting educated, getting a job and earning money, somewhere down the line, women forget to ‘experience’ life. In order to have their own share of fun before they are burdened with responsibilities that entail marriage, women want to get married at a later age.

It is not womankind is rebelling against the institution of marriage; they are not rebelling at all. All they are asking for is a little time for themselves. They want to live their lives on their terms. However, they also understand the importance of marriage and are ready to handle it gracefully, all with its responsibilities and relations. But before they settle themselves for that, “Girls just wanna have some fun”!