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We use the term intellectual property to describe the creations on the mind. The works of song writers, painters and artists are known as their intellectual property, this means that they have created that particular painting or sing and cannot be replicated by any else without the permission of the painter or artist. Intellectual property is not restricted to the creative field alone; technology, industry and science also have their own intellectual property to protect. The intellectual property of technology may be a new a new machine or computer that has been developed by a company. The trademarks, inventions and industry designs are the intellectual property of a particular industry. Since intellectual property is intangible and only comes to life when it is put down in writing, it is important to have it protected by copyright laws. These laws make ideas the sole property of the person who thought about the idea at first. This means that you can use the idea only when you have the permission of the owner. WIPO refers to the World Intellectual Property Organization; this organization was started by the United Nations to protect the intellectual property of all people. It has a complex process structure of laws, services, and developmental plans to foster those innovative ideas. WIPO works extensively with its member states to develop a profound understanding as to why it is so important to protect intellectual property.

The wipo certificate course is an online examination that is offered in many languages, it covers the basic fundamentals of IP law and is a great platform from which you can launch a career in advanced IP law. The wipo certificate course is offered by the WIPO itself and is presented in the DL-001 format covering over thirteen modules. After each module you have a self assessment method to measure your progress and application of the IP law. The actual examination will take place after you have carefully studied the thirteen modules, and consist of multiple-choice questions. The wipo certificate course is open to all individuals how feel that they could benefit from it. Those involved in IP administration, in the generation of ant type if IP and those seeking to know more about IP laws can apply for the wipo certificate course online. The wipo certificate course has a total duration of fifty five hours across six weeks. It is designed to enhance your capabilities in the field of protecting and managing different types of IPRs. You will be given an electronic certificate after you have successfully completed the wipo certificate course.

The wipo academy has, since 1998, been offering distance education courses in the learning and application of IP laws to both new students and well experienced professionals. The distance education course is offered in seven languages through a collaboration of students and faculty members from the top universities across the globe. You will need to have Windows Millennium or higher with Microsoft Internet Explorer version % or higher and an email account to experience the wipo academy distance learning course at its best. Other software requirements include Real Player, Acrobat Reader, a 233MHz Pentium processor, 28.8K Baud modem or higher and multimedia options. The wipo academy offers four different fees structures, the standard fee is $400, while students have to pay a smaller fee of $250. There is reduced fee for participants and students from selected countries who need to pay a fee of $120 and $80 respectively. The wipo academy offers five programs- Professional Development, Academic Institutions, Distance Learning, Executive and the Summer School programs. You will need to register online at the official WIPO website and apply for the wipo academy program that you think is best suited for you. After you have enrolled yourself at the wipo academy, you will be given a schedule of class timings.